Rogue Trader: Reavers of the Warp

XP Totals!

This is a short update to let everyone know that you should have 550 XP to spend for a grand total of 5550 XP spent. If you have any questions about XP expenditures, just drop me a line here or on Hangouts and we’ll get you all squared away.

Going forward, I will right up after-action reports for us that will include how much XP was awarded for the session along with a rolling total of what everyone should be at. Please remember that the advances listed in your Career Path are the most likely advances your character can take, but you are not limited to just those options. For exmaple, if you can justify having the “Gunslinger” talent, then we’ll talk out how much it would cost you as an Elite Advance (see page 39 of the core rulebook).


Leomancer Leomancer

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